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How can I keep my teeth straight after braces?

Were you aware that your teeth can shift after your braces are removed? Our orthodontic specialists in Etobicoke offer advice on what you should do after treatment to make sure your teeth stay straight -and that all your hard work pays off. 

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Why would I need surgery for sleep apnea?

The breathing disorder sleep apnea can impact your emotional, mental and physical health. Our orthodontic specialists in Etobicoke explain the disorder and provide insight on when dental surgery might be needed. 

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The Difference Between an Orthodontist & Dentist

Wondering about the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist, and what distinguishes these two professionals from each other? Our Etobicoke orthodontist explains.

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What is dental surgery?

When people discuss dental surgery, what exactly do they mean? How is it done? And will it hurt? In this post, we'll cover these questions and more as our orthodontic specialists in Etobicoke share facts and answer FAQs from patients. 

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Worried About Paying for Orthodontics? Here's What You Can Do

We don't want cost to prevent people from receiving the orthodontic treatment they need. Here are some ideas from our orthodontists in Etobicoke to help you plan for and manage the cost of braces or other orthodontic treatment options.

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Why consider getting dental implants?

If you've lost one or more teeth to illness, injury, decay or an accident, dental implants may be an option for you as they have become more viable and affordable than in years past. Our Etobicoke orthodontists explain why you might want to consider this option. 

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Visiting the Orthodontist During COVID

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives, including our routine appointments with the orthodontist. Today, we'll discuss the new rules and regulations about seeing your Etobicoke orthodontist during these uncertain times.

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What is a prosthodontist and how can they help me?

You may have heard of a prosthodontist - but what services do they offer and how can they help you? Our dentists in Etobicoke offer a few facts on what this specialist does and the type of dental surgery they perform.

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What Is Orthodontics, Anyway?

Are you wondering what the word 'orthodontics' means, and how an orthodontist can help you? In this post, our orthodontists in Etobicoke explain the basics of this dental specialty. 

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Is reconstructive oral surgery the right choice for me?

What is reconstructive oral surgery, and when would we recommend this procedure? Our dentists in Etobicoke list some facts, and signs that indicate patients may need it.

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