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Full Mouth Restorations

A full-mouth restoration plan at our Etobicoke clinic consists of a selection of cosmetic, oral surgery and orthodontic services performed in concert for more efficient, cohesive results.

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Full-Mouth Restoration, Etobicoke Dentist

What is a full mouth restoration?

Full-mouth restorations are a cohesive approach to dental treatment that considers both aesthetics and oral health.

Some patients require a variety of dental treatments to achieve their goals for their smiles. In these cases, our dental team will develop a carefully mapped out plan, which allows us to coordinate the different types of treatments you need for the most efficient results.

A Plan Tailored Just For You

There are many reasons a patient might benefit from a full-mouth restoration. You may be suffering from dental trauma or diseases, experiencing side effects from a medication, or have had poor dental hygiene habits in the past. Regardless of your personal reasons, we're here to help, and we'll customize a plan just for you.

The benefit of this approach is that it allows us to complete the required work in fewer appointments, with more efficient and coordinated results, and less overall recovery time.

Possible Treatments

Depending on your specific oral health needs and aesthetic goals, your full-mouth dental restoration plan may include almost any number or combination of dental treatments.

Common treatments include:

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