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Meet Our Team

The orthodontic and oral surgery hygienists, assistants and administrative staff at Etobicoke Orthodontics & Oral Surgery strive to provide personalized care to our patients.

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Dental Hygienists

April Jones, Etobicoke Dental Hygienist

April Jones

Kimberly Opoku, Etobicoke Dental Hygienist

Kimberly Opoku

Jaclyn Nardone, Etobicoke Dental Hygienist

Jaclyn Nardone

Dental Assistants

Ania Patino, Etobicoke Dental Assistant

Ania Patino

Melissa Bolarino, Etobicoke Dental Assistant

Melissa Bolarino

Jennifer Yurick, Etobicoke Dental Assistant

Jennifer Yurick

Administrative Staff

Sue Danyluk, Etobicoke Administrative Staff

Sue Danyluk

New Patients Always Welcome

Looking for an orthodontist or oral surgeon in Etobicoke? We're happily accepting new patients at our clinic! Contact us to get started today. 

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